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Why Lagerwey

About Lagerwey

Driven by the oil crises and a hunger towards finding alternative energy sources, Henk Lagerweij, an inventor by profession, established his own wind turbine company in 1979 in the Netherlands.

Since then, various successful turbine types have been designed and manufactured, each of them characterized by a number of innovative features now associated with Henk Lagerweij. Lagerwey was the first company to produce variable speed wind turbines with passive blade pitch control to limit the rotor speed and over a decade later Lagerwey was one of the first to introduce direct drive technology to the wind sector.

By the end of the 80’s Lagerwey became well known for its LW10/35 and especially for its two bladed LW15/75 design. Its successor, the LW18/80 –has become an outright technical and commercial success. More than 600 of these have been installed across the world, with almost all of them still in operation today, testifying to the quality build and design of these turbines.

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