About Us.

Lagerwey stands for quality and simplicity. We design and produce our wind turbines ‘in house’ and offer an efficient and reliable product. We prefer to deliver our projects turn-key and provide a complete service and maintenance package. Our flexible and transparent approach leads to long lasting relationships with our partners. Together with our customers we have been offering the world clean and reliable wind energy since 1979.

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Why Lagerwey?

Pim de Ridder (wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe, the Netherlands)bitmap

“With over 850 members, we are one of the larger local sustainable energy cooperatives in the province of Gelderland. To make our project feasible we had to work with companies who think outside the traditional frameworks. Lagerwey herein has shown to be a good partner. In addition to supplying and installing the turbines Lagerwey has shown they can support us constructively in the cooperative idea behind the project. This excites us and makes us look forward to the next steps in our cooperation in this unique project.”

Lagerwey Wind Turbine Availability


12 month moving average availability of the installed Lagerwey wind turbine fleet.